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Asmita Parashar.

Hi, my name is Asmita Parashar. I live in Dubai and I make experimental, Ambient and chilled out Dubstep music.

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Asmita Parashar produces under her alter ego “HOOdub”, is fascinated by the mellow side of Dubstep. Inspired by a lot of underground music from around the world, HOOdub started her venture in 2010. Learning by herself the intricacies of the art, HOOdub’s music is reflective of suave basslines and Euphoric synths that lend a chilled feel to her productions.

HOOdub’s secret lies in her minimal, summery approach towards life that shapes up the sound that she is famously associated with. Her eclectic beats and warm basslines loosen up the mind, not to mention the bright foreground synths that explore and further massage it. HOOdub’s technique combines the deep, intense Dubstep sound with the more ambient synthesized elements that mould her tracks into a complete chilled out package.

HOOdub’s experimental nature reflects in her tracks, her gamut of influences ranging from Dub, Jungle, Dubstep to more cutting edge Ambient, Progressive and Trance music influencing the way she approaches her sound. A number of her works use eclectic elements and sound samples that add a unique twist to her music. Being a self taught producer who has been inspired by a lot of underground talents across the globe, artists like Dr Bora, iriXx and Fabian have chiselled HOOdub’s music.

HOOdub is associated with labels such as Monkey Dub Recordings (Can) and Quokka records (Aus) and is looking forward to a few more releases this year. She has also been recognized by Generation Bass for her category of Experimental Mellow Dubstep. Her tracks have been a part of MTV’s Sound Tripping and been featured in the international EDM magazine, “Euphoric”.


Hoodub – Sunny Side Up (Monkey Dub Recording)

Sunny side up is a chillstep track released in the Monkey Dub Recording catalogue on Aug 22 2014.

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HOOdub – Butterfly In A Jar

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HOOdub – Just listen

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HOOdub – Projecting Uhsrah

Another track on deep personal experiences.

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HOOdub – Nyx

Monkey Dub Recordings, Montreal, 2013

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TinyType & Lym – Tenerte Aqui (HOOdub Remix)

Audiocalligraphy, Vienna, 2013.

HOOdub – Synchronicity

A track about eerie experiences of two or more events as meaningfully related based on personal life.

HOOdub – Sumerian

Monkey Dub Recordings, Future Dub EP, 2012.

HOOdub – Twinkles come and go

Quokka records, Australia, 2012.

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